Handmade precious jewelry in Annecy with ♥
Handmade precious jewelry in Annecy with ♥
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Gemstones meanings & properties

For centuries, we attribute many virtues and properties to gemstones, both psychically and physically, although these data are part of a holistic approach and do not replace so-called modern medicine. Here's a little more information about the gemstones you can find in our In Cauda Venenum jewelry.


  • Chalcedony: 

Symbol of serenity, it is a stone with very positive virtues. Blue chalcedony is known to bring peace of mind and encourage communication and speaking skills. Yellow chalcedony would promote appeasement and help reduce suffering and anxiety.


  • Coral:

Sacred stone for the Tibetan people, its frank bright red represents its power. Since Antiquity, it has been used as an amulet against the evil eye. It is also vowed to fight against many health problems.


  • Pink jade:

Protective stone of justice and truth, it is a symbol of purity and wisdom. Recognized for promoting temperance and emotional harmony, it confers determination and security on the wearer.  


  • Hematite:

De-stressing stone, rich in iron, it has a strong energy and increases courage and self-confidence. It is known to protect against negative energies and restore peace and harmony to the body.


  • Labradorite:

It is an essential stone known to ward off negative energies and protect the person who wears it against mental pollution. It also brings balance, promotes mental acuity and harmony of the mind, and regeneration following severe fatigue.


  • Lapis lazuli:

Formerly more prized than gold, this azure blue stone from which its name comes, was considered sacred to the Egyptians who saw in it a representation of the eyes of the Gods. Called the stone of communication, it is credited with many virtues, in particular those of bringing self-confidence, inner peace, honesty and compassion.


    • Malachite:

    Opaque dark green and very bright, it has natural antidepressant properties. It gives confidence to the person who wears it and releases emotional blockages. It is also known to absorb physical pain and help fight sleep disorders.


    • Obsidian:

    Very powerful stone, it is known for its ability to act as a shield against negative energies, and in a very fast way, and to bring a lot of psychological energy to the one who wears it.


    • Onyx:

     Despite its black color associated with death in Antiquity, onyx is a gemstone with positive virtues which would strengthen confidence and self-esteem. Used in India to fight against evil spirits, it alleviates worries and brings balance and mind stability.


    • Pink opal:
    Nicknamed the stone of balance, it promotes letting go and the reduction of stress, soothes and heals emotions. Also known to help people complexed by their image, it develops psychic abilities and intuition for a better understanding of things.


    • Peridot:

    Transparent stone in olive green color, its unique brilliance earned it the name of stone of the Sun by the Egyptians. It is known to ward off negative thoughts, bad outside influences, but also microbial infections.


    • Black moonstone:
    It promotes intuition and sensitivity, strengthens perceptions and is known to help achieve inner peace, thanks to the confidence it gives you.


    • Rhodochrosite:

    Nicknamed Rosa del Inca for its pink color and history, it is the stone of love and emotional liberation. It is known to decrease stress and bring out positive thoughts, and to gently heal deep wounds and traumas.


    • Rhodolite:

    It is a variety of garnet used in Antiquity as a talisman and still today for its protective properties. Provider of vitality, it also represents the light that guides the wearer in the twilight.


    • Multicolored tourmalines:

    These different colored stones increase self-confidence through a better understanding of others and oneself, and promotes prosperity and wealth. Their detoxifying properties would reduce the effect of electromagnetic waves and strengthen the immune system. 


    • Turquoise:

    Symbol of wisdom, it is a stone of purification, which brings appeasement and empathy. Venerated since Antiquity by many peoples, synonymous with eternal youth, it was notably considered as the stone of the Gods by the Aztecs. It promotes personal development and inner calm, and protects the immune system.


    • African turquoise:

    It is the stone of evolution, which promotes change and encourages personal development. Known to bring balance, prosperity and acceptance and self-confidence to the one who wears it, it would also amplify inner peace and reduce anxiety.