Allegorical jewelry handmade with ♥ in France
Allegorical jewelry handmade with ♥ in France
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Manufacturing and maintenance

In Cauda Venenum jewelry is made from noble materials that resist time : brass gilded with fine gold 24k 1 micron, mother-of-pearl, freshwater pearls and natural and semi-precious stones. They are guaranteed to be free of nickel, cadmium and lead. 

In order to guarantee the best quality for our jewelry, we have them gilded by a renowned historical French electroplator, which has been working for several decades with many fashion and haute couture houses. All our jewelry is made, made and gilded in France.

And all of our jewelry is gilded with recycled gold. Why that ? 

Gold mining is extremely polluting. Indeed, industrial (= legal) extraction requires the massive use of cyanide and caustic soda, and gold miners who extract gold from illegal ores use solutions based on mercury and cyanide. Today there are foundries which offer an alternative to traditional mines and which, thanks to their recycling process, reduce the environmental impact by more than 98%.

In addition to the environmental issues that seem impossible to ignore today, it also involves illegal exploitation, child labor, corruption and human rights violations.

Gold has the advantage of being able to be melted, transformed and recycled over and over again. Our gilder works with a French foundry that melts and transforms gold in France. We also recycle all of our chain scraps and primers by sending them back to the same foundry specializing in metal recycling.

In this way, we choose traceabilityunlike most brands which cannot certify the provenance of the gold used for their jewelry. 


How to maintain your jewelry:

To keep your jewelry as long as possible, it is not recommended to expose them to water, cleaning products, chlorine, sea water, perspiration, perfume and cosmetic products which can be corrosive and may affect the quality of the plating and the appearance and color of stones and pearls. We recommend that you remove your jewelry before washing your hands or taking a shower to avoid dulling their shine.

Use simply a soft cloth such as a chamois cloth to clean your jewelry. Never use jewelry cleaners or chemical products that could damage it rather than restoring it.

Each piece of jewelry comes with a cotton pouch or cardboard box, so you can store it when you're not wearing it, at home, at the gym, at the pool ... and take it with you on the go. your travels. 

Because each piece of jewelry is designed and created by hand, by craftsmanship, in France, because we have confidence in the quality of what we manufacture and offer you, all our jewelry is guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase. Do not hesitate to consult our Terms and Conditions for more information or to contact us at